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Supporting Documents

A History of Computer Communications 1968-1988

Early Histories
Other Documents

A History of Computer Communications 1968-1988

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Overview of Supporting Documents

The author of this site, i.e. book, originally wrote two chapters before beginning the History of Computer Communications. They are a history of computers titled: The Remarkable Growth in the Use of Computers, and a history of telecommunications titled the Changing Rules of Competition: AT&T and the FCC. These chapters will now be found below in edited, but not in final form. With time these chapters will be fully edited, but were deemed sufficiently valuable that the reader will hopefully forgive the occasional editing lapse. It is hoped that any interested reader will provide feedback to the author at:

Early Histories:

History of Computers -- The Remarkable Growth in the Use of Computers

History of Telecommunications -- Changing Rules of Competition: AT&T and the FCC

Other Documents:

Documents the author has found valuable to the reconstruction of this history, or that pertain to the events and people around which this history is centered, will be collected here as well, mostly in PDF format. To date, we have added the following documents:

Documents relating to the Bolt Beranek and Newmann (BBN) contract with ARPA to build 4 "Interface Message Processors" (IMPs)

BBN documents

Papers written by Manley Irwin concerning the FCC Common Carrier Bureau's role in the regulation of AT&T and the early technology of computer communications

Manley Irwin documents