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Entrepreneurial Capitalism and Innovation:
A History of Computer Communications 1968-1988
By James Pelkey

Entrepreneurial Capitalism & Innovation:
History of Computer Communications
1968 -1988
By James Pelkey

This history is organized by three co-evolving market sectors and also standards making.
An overview of the schema is presented in the Introduction.

Ch. 1: Emergence
Ch. 3: Competition
Ch. 5: Market Order
Ch. 11: Adaptation

Ch. 2: Vision
Ch. 4: Arpanet
Ch. 6: Diffusion
Ch. 7: Emergence
Ch 8: Completion
Ch. 10: Market Order

Ch. 9: Creation

Ch. 12: Emergence



Chapter 8
Networking: Turbulence 1981-1982
The PBX, the IBM PC and the Chaos of Competition

8.23     Communications Machinery Corporation (CMC)

Excelan’s exclusivity of the intelligent Ethernet controller market niche would be brief. For Communication Machinery Corporation (CMC) would announce similar products in early 1983. Larry Green, Dave Oster and Dale Taylor founded CMC on February 5, 1981 providing design engineering services to firms marketing communication systems. In 1982 they received a contract from Associated Computer Consultants (ACC) to design and build an emulator for the LANCE Ethernet chip. ACC held the contract with AMD. CMC would work closely with AMD and DEC the originator of the project. Here, DEC was motivating the creation of an Ethernet chip in competition with Intel, their partner in DIX. By year-end 1982, CMC had raised $2.5 million of venture capital. [11]

[11] CMC company records.