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Entrepreneurial Capitalism and Innovation:
A History of Computer Communications 1968-1988
By James Pelkey

Entrepreneurial Capitalism & Innovation:
History of Computer Communications
1968 -1988
By James Pelkey

This history is organized by three co-evolving market sectors and also standards making.
An overview of the schema is presented in the Introduction.

Ch. 1: Emergence
Ch. 3: Competition
Ch. 5: Market Order
Ch. 11: Adaptation

Ch. 2: Vision
Ch. 4: Arpanet
Ch. 6: Diffusion
Ch. 7: Emergence
Ch 8: Completion
Ch. 10: Market Order

Ch. 9: Creation

Ch. 12: Emergence



Chapter 7
Networking: Emergence 1979-1981
LANs and DataPBXs

7.7     The NBS and MITRE Workshop of May 1979

Following the January and March Workshops, Rosenthal and Meisner began organizing a two-day workshop for May. Wanting to broaden participation, Rosenthal thought of Charlie Bass and his new firm Zilog from the Bay Area.