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Entrepreneurial Capitalism and Innovation:
A History of Computer Communications 1968-1988
By James Pelkey

Entrepreneurial Capitalism & Innovation:
History of Computer Communications
1968 -1988
By James Pelkey

This history is organized by three co-evolving market sectors and also standards making.
An overview of the schema is presented in the Introduction.

Ch. 1: Emergence
Ch. 3: Competition
Ch. 5: Market Order
Ch. 11: Adaptation

Ch. 2: Vision
Ch. 4: Arpanet
Ch. 6: Diffusion
Ch. 7: Emergence
Ch 8: Completion
Ch. 10: Market Order

Ch. 9: Creation

Ch. 12: Emergence



Chapter 10
Networking: LANs 1983 – 1986
LANs Over Data PBX

10.11     Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

DEC management recognized the importance of LANs early. Their participation as a key member of DIX, active involvement in IEEE 802, and a leader in selling minicomputers into the engineering workstation market all compelled DEC to sell LAN products. In May 1982, DEC announced Phase IV of its evolving network architecture (Digital Network Architecture) that would support Ethernet. In March 1983, DEC began shipping its first Ethernet controller for their Unibus (DEUNA). A steady release of more Ethernet controllers and terminal servers, especially the DEC Server 100 in 1984, made DEC a formidable competitor. No longer could Ethernet start-ups feast on the DEC customer base.